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The fun meeting place at the Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang in the Allgäu


Big sun terrace next to the ski lift

Sepp´s Stadlalm can be reached in a few minutes on foot or by car from the town centre.

Our evening menu offers a large choice of dishes, including the house speciality Argentinian Angus Rumpsteak cooked in various ways. The mountain hut classics such as Kässpatzen (chees noodles) and hearty snacks are also to be found, as well as a large choice of salads etc.

Sepp´s Stadlalm is open daily from 10.30am until 11pm when the ski lifts are operating. The restaurant is closed on mondays from 4.30pm.


A second sun terrace is located at the ski school at the Kronenlift of the Alpspitbahn Nesselwang

It is possible to meet in the tent when the weather is bad

Sepp Stadlalm, an der Riese 40, 87484 Nesselwang, Tel: 01755233810               impressum